Valentina TECLICI: Books Launch in New Zealand – Poetical Bridges vol.2 (Poduri Lirice vol.2)

Books Launch – Programme

Welcome – A Librarian from Hastings Library

Opening Karakia – Te Aranga Hakiwai

Waiata – He Honore


Note: If there are a number of children at the launch, we’ll launch first the children’s book The Jochey Princess – He Tioki Pirinihi

  1. The book launch of Poetical Bridges – Poduri lirice

Bill Sutton presents Poetical Bridges – Poduri lirice Vol 2 collection

Valentina Teclici – acknowledgements and reads I’m Happy by George Roca

Sonia McKenzie reads two of her poems

Christine Climo reads two of her poems

Bill Sutton reads I love an ideal Romania by Vlad Vasiliu

Carole Stewart reads two of Angus MacDonalds’ poems

Jeremy Roberts reads two of his poems

Questions from audience.

  1. The book launch of The Jockey Princess – He Tioki Pirinihi

Valentina Teclici – presents the book

Te Aranga Hakiwai, the translator – introduces himself

Rogelio Carles Rosas, the illustrator – introduces himself

Tara Browne and Te Aranga Hakiwai read a couple of poems in English and Te Reo

Questions from audience.

Waiata: Tutiro mai nga iwi

Closing Karakia


The author, collaborators, the translator and illustrator sign copies of books

Nibbles, drinks and chat.


MC Roberta Isaraelu

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