by Mihai Eminescu


the wood is white its leaf is black

its thousand little twigs

by snow are heavy

only the wind passes through them

the cold wind and some magpie

sheding let them off

white is the night the one with moon

from the distance wood resounds

the wolves in troops mass together

blows the wind blows incessantly

grove and heaven make to me pair

mad grief comes over one

as long and stretched grief

as the county all under snow

the wood shiver like an aspen leaf

as large as one’s horizon

the wolvws over peakes race

wandering through snows

troops the crows fly


in the ground of dense woods

there is no path to get out

there’s no way there’s no boundary

neither hunter’s trace

making blizzard on snow drifts

they filled up the glades

let down on dry boughs

over shed leaves

over water over all things

in the impenetrable forest

a little house is hidden

there’s no village nor nearby road

quite alone one doesn’t know how

only from its chimney the smoke juts out

who would stay in the house

that doesnţt care for the snow

which falls and will fall

ever heap on heap

surpassing the fence in the yard

up to eaves it will reach

if left is long winter

zoung little widow

stays there quite alone

how many days are left

she doesn’t go to village any more

how long the time of a winter

how the snow is all falling

she ever winds and weaves

white threads exquisite linens

while the fire burns in the hearth

the wolves howl the gogs bark

and she spins from tow

swinging on a leg

the trough with a little child

asleep and graceful

and as she sings as she sighs

the voice of wood imitates her


in the ground of the wood

there’s no path thewre’s no way

that if ever a path existed

it turned into a valley

that if a way ever existed

it is with leaves burried

it is filled with thorns and thistle

that one doesn’t find its trace

if there is path somewhere

nobody knows it anymore

that they lost its traces

shepherd boys with the flocks

and they lost their signs

woodmen with the logs

and they forgotten the folds

hunters with the bows

nobody in the world knows any more

that around only desert

whici its borders are

where are its springs

the grass grows behold again

beaten by the summer wind

where the forest is rare

but in the beautiful grass

never a scythe entered

where the forest is dense

by its thick of wood

no axe did touch

in the ground of wood

path isn’t way isn’t

but a glade of fir trees

and a cheerful eye of pond

and a garden with stile

and a little house with trouble

and at the door of house grows

the old tile tree which shadows it

like a living covering

its flower falls without wind

shaken over the land

and on the porch who is seen

who nwaer craddle is staying

young little widow woman

who knew about herself only she

and as the wood bestirs itself

she sings for her she charms her away

swinging with a leg

she says gently

lullaby lullaby little child

I’d tell you atale

lullaby lullaby between us

I’l tell you a tale

and in models I’ll dress it

and beautifully I’ll untie it

zou to understand it only I pause

towards others I say nothing

the tears a valley fall from me

my father was a shephard

as many seconds are in year

as many shepherds he was having

with thousands flocks beside

flocks in thousands of little she lambs

little shepherds after them

haughty flocks also of sheeps

the little shepherds backwards

with flutes and bagpipes

he had also if you understand me

herds of untamed horses

which like hurricanes

were filling his plains

were grazing his estates

and in the length of rivers

they settled themselves on deserts

and in the waves of grass

were grazing the hinds and the stags

and through mountains lost in clouds

he had big herds of bisons

cold rivers cold springs

in the shadow were flowing eternally

and he had mountains and he had forests

and fortresses with fortifications

and had villages thousands and thousands

strewn on the plains

and had villages big and small ones

and full with brave men

what an uproar what a struggling

when cheerfully sounding from horn

was calling the country to boundaries

that were running with little and grown up

that they were flowing like rivers

and blackened the deserts

bitter me into a sigh

the tears are valley coming to me

with the kerchief if I whipe them

they still stronger go on

and how beautiful I was

how no one was kin by kin

of gold were my plaits

and by girls they were plaited

rosy like a peony

I was dear to everybody

they came behold they came

emperors from the east

to ask me in marriage

but they went as they arrived

kings came and messengers came

learned in many schools

with reasonable words

they asked me with justice

good time old shepherd

our emperor master

did send us to ask

if you marry your daughter or not

he answers then honestly

dear brave men welcome to you

dear’s to me to feast you

with you to get delighted

but any much you did ask me

daughter I haven’t to marry

but he emperor from the west

did come and didn’t go

two words only he told me

my heart he did subdue

he was stately and armed

an enarmoured soldier

he was stately and hale

having care of nothing

he was tall and I was tall

nice looking we were together

fitted in excess

I beautiful he beautiful

bitter me in a sigh

the tears valley come to me

with the kerchief if I whipe them

they still stronger go on

they heard and if they heard

match makers from the east

that I was going to marry

and when I just gor married

many people aroused

our house only to spoil

and to separate us

thousand of tongues were flowing as rivers

risen from the deserts

and they came mobs

risen from the forests

some on horseback some on walk

ever came in thick cloud

they came swarms came flock

and left the desert after them

they came flocks came valley

and crumbled forts in their way

vainly my man faced them

they pushed him only back

they defeated his armies

they ravished his glories

they desered the countries

they brought his fortunes

they balckened his sun

they enslaved his people

I in the deserted wood

wandering lately

I heard from foreign tongues

that my man isn’t coming any more

I learned from the west

that my man went away

by all humans followed

I learned from the east

that my man has died

that has died and was mourned

world entire was wailing him

did wail all hermitages

all orients

and wests all

and peoples tongues and crowds

midnight midday

they couldn’t awake him any more

weild behold those kings

the emperors of whole world

and a storm started

which earth drowned

midnight and westward

thousand kins put to way

big flocks and predatory

of alien peoples

which were fowing behold flowing

end they didn’t have any more

just for putting inheritence

over poor mankind

when I think to such sorrows

it seems to me they were yeasterday

when I think to my shepherds

it seems to me they were thousands years

bur when I learned

that my man has died

this linden tree I planted

grows the tile and flourishes

and shadows my life

and as in its shadow I live

I don’t get old any more

dear mother’s little child

many in world I’d tell you

but I am afraid you’d leave me

bur I am afraid you’ll understand me

and you’ll grow and will start

how the wood don’t comprise you

and you’ll go into the wide world

but you sleep more behold a bit

that you’re tender of years and little

sleep at shadow sleep on peace

that your mother will make you

under that tile tree beaten by wind

the bedding at land

when the sun will set

then the wind will drow off

and you’ll get asleep

the teeny branches will beat

and if stars will penetrate

and the moon will penetrate

our solitude

and when the wind will blow

the tile tree will rock

its flowers it will shed

and again will awake you

in the ground of the great night

and at rustling of oak trees

under the circling of clouds

in the falling of flowers

under the shining of stars

and at dance of wicked fairies

under the leaf of oak trees

at the voice of springs

where is it the cross from ways

you don’t cry more me

they grow like brothers two spruce firs

do laugh chick-abiddy laugh

where there are birds in the trees

be quiet chick be quiet

they gather girls and lads

do sleep chick heigh

stags gather the soft ones

awake chick do awake

and as she sings and sighs

the voice of wood imitates her


poor country of the high

all zour fame has gone

now five hundreds years ago

only wood you were to me

around were growing deserts

empires were crumbling

the peoples were getting old

kingdoms were fading

and forts were scatterng

only your woods were growing

green is the unpenetrated shadow

where a world is hidden

and in the shadow for ever

cold rivers were flowing

tenderly clear turning

having voices of springs

Bistritsa in rocks struggles

hrough dark forests

and ever goes deeper

where the water slightly twinkle

and at once it sees that

its watwrs hitches

and by roxks it is dammed up

it gathers and ever grows

it dam up in wondrous lake

of which waters are quiet

and trees make shadow to it

dense leaf over

in depth the water watches

and the oak trees from bank to bank

over it fall down

peaks prop up together

and make to me a tall vault

by the peaks they are knitted

and in shadow they rule

and in eternal freshness

the waves are sparkling

from one bank to another

it fell a tall trunk

it fell crosswise

that its foliage is hanging

long bridge of a tree

over a silence of lake

long bridge big bridge

that one can pass it on horse back

and Mushatin youngish

passes the bridge quiet alone

with the vest of steel

with black busby of lamb

with white thick cloth on him

how he was coming to hunt

he was carrying the bow on back

quiver of arrows he has

wih long plaits up to on back

but a forehead cutted off

little child in tight cloths

lightly is feeling himself

if he aims at a deer

the falcon flys over by him

if he holds his hand upward

the falcon put in his palm

and he ever comes shouting

and from leaf always bursting

and when starts to sing

the woods resound

hear you dear do you mother

how Mushatin is calling you

nobody was around him

only the blackbird was whistling

and he was getting down

where the water was trembling

and the blackbird says

what are you searching for boy by here

grow you wood and do you cluster

only for a path leave me room

to pass you across

only I will reach a clearing

and a spring of water

to see the falcon how it drinks

the wood says quietly

I went of leafing me out

for you did want me

and the waves sound

moving they gather

among the linens of leaf

the sun trys to penetrate

burn in the shadow at cooling

the sparkling spots

and on waves beat

the light pours flame

on clear long torrents

the rays fly like strips

under an oak long-haired oak tree

which was letting its branches down

Mushatin was lenghtenning out

putting the bow beside

you wood wood my dear

it seems I’ve told you that

you sound from leaf ever

for since I didn’t see you

much time has passed

and since I didn’t search you

much worlds I wandered

wood your majesty

let me under your foot

that I’ll spoil nothing

but only a little branch

to hang my arms in it

to hang them at my head

where I’ll make my bed

under that tile beaten by wind

with the flower upto ground

to lay with the face upward

and to sleep should deadly sleep

but to hear even in my dream

dear wood your voice

from that glade of beech

doina song sounding dearly

how wailing vibrates

that rocks my leaf

and the slowed wind

will see that I’ve got asleep

and through the tile it will rake up

and with flowers would cover me

thw wood was bowing down to him

and from branches was shaking

you Mushatin you Mushatin

cheerfully I shake my branches

and gayly I’d speak to you

long live your majesty

come Mushat to understand each other

and so choose you as our emperor

emperor of the springs

and of the deers

seated to some brook

to tear your flute from the waist

you to sing and I to sing

all my leaf to stear

to start booming in wind

on springs

from steepnesses

where the birds are flying

where the branches are bowing

and the deers are playing

the water says to him o child

hold your hand to me

come on my bright bottom

for you are beautiful child

and Mushatin answers to it

vainly you allure me in waves

vainly wood my dear

you sounds from leaves ever

that I’ll go away from you

that leaf will weep after me

that from soul it snatches me

longing-dor path longing-dor of going

and even I feel so much grief

for the weep of my litle mother

I’d go I’d ever go

longing-dor never to snatch me

and I’d go on long way

longing-dor  to not reach me any more

vainly on wind are calling me

longing-dor for home longing-dor for mother

vainly it sounds in wind

that so destined I am

to make my way on earth

to hold my paths

to wander the countries

the countries and the seas

be it my voice strong

as to pass always

from everywhere I’ll be

over waters over bridges

over woods from mountains

to reach upto home

where my mother stays to weave

and to tell her in many lines

do not die mother of thoughts

don’t go you child

but if you have in world days

present them all to me

know you beloved brother

that I am not wood but fort

but since long I am enchanted

and by sleep darkened

only when the night arrives

the moon in heaven journeys

it runs through all my shadow

with its cold light

on then from horn sound to me

all trees together

griefly sounds the leaf in moon

and my world gathers

that tree after tree

all at once come untied

from oak tree with dense leaf

comes out a wondrous empress

with long hairs upto the heels

and with golden cloths

wonderful is her dress-rochia

and her name is Dochia

from the trees without number

come out children with falcons on shoulder

and girls many come out

with their turned up sleeves

and on nacked shoulders

carry wooden pails and pots

it starts then a fret-zbucium

sweetly sounds voice of horn-bucium

on the paths without traces

the deers come in flocks

and roar slowly so dearly

with the bells at neck

and wait patiently

beautiful hands of virgin girls

that they milk them in little pails

for know you beloved brother

I am not wood but I am fort

but bewitched I am since long

tile  will listen

sounding from hill to hill

the wonderful triumphal horn

on the king Decebalus

then my trunks will undo

and would turn into palaces

you’ll see coming out from them

thousands young girls

and from firs as little be they

you’ll see coming out brave men

for at the sound of horn

all get back to life

and the falcon agilely

over him is flying

come Mushatin you Mushatin

cheerfully I shake my wings

on your helmet I will settle

and from mouth I’d say

long live your majesty

remain wood healthy

that the water is calling me downward

and destined in world I am

to make path for me on earth

and Mushatin gets near

by silvery Bistritsa

the boat was playing on the wave

he unties it from the bank

jumps in it and gives it way

like the arrow flys now

and flowing on quick waters

longing-dor for endless horizon

and going going far away

he separates the water into two

with large furrows of silver

which move shining

and in shadow they embrace him

and through the vaulting valley

only by here and by there

the sun was still penetrating

here is shadow there is sun

on trembling waters

he on flourishing banks

sees stray flocks

in glades he sees the stags

passing the waves of grass

the horses graze near brooks

as at swans it is bending

their neck and their small head

at once they rise

and prick up their ears

while they behold the boat

he was flowing flowing ever

the wood sounds softly and heavyly

when at once it makes day

the wood ino two unties

and on circling waters

sparkles wonderful sun

and before him he sees a mountain

with its hoary crowns

it built rock on rock

starting from the deep valley

and carrying wth it forests

over the gry clouds

it rises in serenity

crown full of snow

and toward bank it straightens again

the little light boat

and Mushatin gets down

the path of mountain takes

upto peaks to go

till thee night reaches him

in that unpenetrable wood

but with night on him he starts

mounts ever bravely

only the summit he will climb up

while it will be dawning

on the highten summit

he reaches at once

and making his eyes wheel

he looks at the whole world

he sees the heaven of the saint

and the face of the earth

that far away planes hold

which one can not measure by ezes

where the saint sun

as if goes out from earth

there in the distant horiyon

the great Dnister shows to him

from the Tartar countries

and farther flows in the sea

at lagoon like a necklace

it strings the White Fort Cetatea Alba

and on the face of smooth sea

pass the full ships

pass far from land

the sails filled with wind

and looking to the South

the Danube he saw

in an arch turned to sea

and on seven mouths flowing

from the Dnister up to here

proud country was holding

he sees plains smoking

wonderful hills greening

he sees woods how they get down

hill by hill ladder by ladder

scattering on the plain

where the rivers come out

and on peaks of forests

monasteries with fortifications

he sees towns sees villages

on the field strewn

he sees wondrous strongholds

dominating deserts

he sees the flocks of sheeps

with shepherds after them

with flutes and bagpipe

and the herds of horses

were passing the fields

and spread themselves to the wind

like the shadow of the earth

and in the length of rivers

spread to the deserts

and the youngish falcon

over him is flying

and from mouth was sazing

long live your Majesty

so much world so much horizon

from the Dnister to the sea

make once your eyes wheel

that this is the whole Moldavie


Dragosh King the Old

on Moldavie is master

and reigning with all glory

stays on throne at Suceava

at the praised Suceava

with walls surrounded

wall of stone high and thick

that on it five people walk

and have place with surplus

that go three on horses beside

and still have place in parts

wondrous horses to play them

now by there now by here

and from black trunks of rock

over the deep valley

over the stronghold

churches and palaces

stays kingly city

which with its crests mounts

huffed toward clouds

over sounding woods

with its walls with its vaults

and with towers at corners

heavy walls and with crests

how they were and how there aren’t

among the heavy arches

among the black bars

only the sun penetrates

between darken parlours

in walls of empty stone

they thrusted torches of pitch

smoking with red flames

light the dark

pillars of stone heavy and grey

where fittings hang

showing their rust

under the torch of resin

shields fitted sleeves

wonderful helmets polished

and breast-plates masks

and bows for hunt

and in the back of straight hall

it rises on seven steps

the throne of Christian King

covered by a baldachin

and in the golden chair

stays Dragosh greysh

white beard upto girdle

with black stormy eyes

the crown of red gold

shining beautifully on forehead

over the hoary plaits

on his mantle’s folds

golden flowers are sewn

and with white face

and with sceptre in right hand

his proud eyes make straight

and at the feet of throne

are strung on the carpets

wooden chairs shaped on lathe

curved with skill

here six there six

for chosen nobilities

at his throne’s ladders

stays in two sides boyars

arranged after their ranks

that for orders to wait

the vornic of Low Country

was staying in a bright chair

an old soft man

with his blue staff

which is with gold knitted

with stones covered

and from this higher on

the vornic of Up Country

stays with plaits snow-white

the chief magistrate of Chilia

and with his white eyelashes

chief magistrate of White City Ceatea Alba

after these also come

the chief magistrate of Hotin

that from Neamts and that from Vrancea

leaned stayed on spear

but all were outstripped in glory

by the chief magistrate of Suceava

and so all around

stays in furs of sable

with vests of the same kind

and with sleeves of steel

Dragosh King the Old

On Moldavie is master

In Suceava in the City

He has gathered Justice




by Aron Cotruş


firm forefathers with slender paces

quick brave giddy haidouks

voivods givers of laws

brisk at thought brisk at dead

proud and stable princes


drunk of heavens

and archers

gians at paces

all soul of people

with depth’s depth

with woods uproar

with grasses’ perfume

with stags’ flights

with peak’s thrills

with blood’s laws

look at him alive as nobody else’s

measureless thousandfolded

in his somnambulistic creature

under his forehead’s Ceahlău

as from twin mothers

with thighs of flint

Ştefan-King and Mihai

brothers by blood

and by cloths

brothers by yathagan

and speech

with quick paces in uprooting

on untamed lightnings

riding through hurricanea

they popped

they were leavened

like from iron and from granite

and from magic blood

over age and with no end

in his creature of king

on jaunty and deathless roads

from Tisa to Bug and further on

from Maramuresh to Pind

from Panciovo to the great Sea

seized with boundless thrilling

with unbounded thirst of life

I wish like in fairy-tales to light for you

over present day

with million of sinewy and pious hands

candles like fir trees

so that in eternity

be known

by where they grow in struggles and toil

and fight and sweat

and bleed Romanians

namely by now to be known

who have you been

impetuous bard

in who all bells of people burn

fairy-like master


of golden bridges

over storms over darkness

peak of my rebellious song

grown under lightnings and winds of steel

song which today to you the one I bring

in idolatrous praying

as to a righteous immaculate voivode

from a grown old bald haidouk

with boots and blood and mud clod

who has broken through flint and stone

the hardest and longest path

drunk of heights and azure

with sight lightened eagle

along among posses armed to the teeth

with burning paces

in dust waistcoat in front of you to reach

haidouk once master of peaks and of Danube

today toward you without firelock without slugs

with quick steps nailed as if on spot by unseen pociumbi

ready for death ready for submission



with word like stone crabby

wanted to be to me

on roads of this hell and heaven mouth

you ready in stars

and in depths


in calendar by icy wind and fire

of my days


you whom the time up to heaven would build

through dreadful cnturies to come

in stormy heavings in daily works

over storms a Romanian Rome

over nocturnal mob of Thracian-Roman words

over its treasury in thousands and thousands places buried


over an imperial and tempestuous tongue

to our silance of ages like nobody ever

voice to give them you came


out of any new stubborn wound

torn off took out of you

in kindled flight

to boundlessness

for each a huge wonder wing


and today your song  flag in time’s wind

fly largely unvanquished

as high as thousand white Negoius

over precipice over storms in us


you did split with hot glance

with sight sharp like a sword

with hungry


on the watch ever

strata of darkness and bones

from the foundation of fogs and suns of my people

your eye wanted to see up to inmost depths


the mountains have let fall apocalyptically their stone armours

to be plunged adamant diver your sight

chaotic bad dream

from chasm to chasm

through their viscera where dogs of earth bark


blind crowds with zou of the same language

in writhngs more and more cruel

on your trace in bleedings and sloughs it changes

into a people who like you sees and hears


over your time’s rottn sloths and jpkes

new Adam

you splitted for this people

endless roads and you gave them a name

and songs as for world

beginning and ending


with living feather of eagle

or with a peak of spear-lance

I wish to write with flames your name in azure

on any hip o rock and on any lane


for that

for that

all those of your blood and law

know today and see for ever

that your heavy collapse

of peak hitted from above by a block star

like a bugle of hurricane made us

to heave up bold standing

with sights royal eagles seeing through glooms

with hot fists

on firelocks

with all roads running forward

with blood despot who doesn’t lie

changed as if by wonder at face

with daring foreheads

on the fly under storm toward a new life


Vallachian Dante your Majesty

in hunger which was savagely biting your body

like a villain fox

deeply hidden under your heavy coat

in the short passing by here

you ate sullenly in secret your heart

among rascals among dwarfs


Danube did never flow also for you

at least as much as for a thief of horses

didn’t thrill with its waters’ trouble

didn’t swing you on its wave’s paradise

or under fiery winds’ swords

neither a boat

and nor old  or white ships


Black Sea black and forgetful

Didn’t sent ever toward coast any vessel

to wait like for an empress for your sick heart

and like for a young emperor your boundless longing for departure


striving in boundlessness and high

porter with forehead in heaven porter of iron

you raised impetuously from depths sunken lonely

like a new wonder his country

you raised in sun over the world its crest

as no else did


among yours you passed pale forgiving and still

and yours with mind elsewhere didn’t understand you

who could indeed understand you by there

for them your stature was an ill deed


how could really cover

the mice

with their tiny sights

from foot to peak a mountain


by where you walked

torn up


by blend anxieties by grayish thoughts

all snowstorms hit you like a mountain


deaf storms open-muzzled


and met you

and under torn lightnings of your way

in rumble of chasm


with quick and cruel arrows

hit you directly

in forehead

and breast


living wing

over land

over song and air

head be to us from now onward

with harder and hoter step

in our terrible assault forward



out of blind and desert millions

out of deaf dead-seas

you have chosn you are chosing him for us

you have raised

and are raising him

over all others

over voivods and kings

over life over death

he alone



since the beginning


to his crepuscule without crepuscule

money less with no shield

by thousands and thousands of wounds worn out

he didn’t loose any battle

this new vigorous emperor Trajan



over a magic tongue

whirling emperor

who left to us

on his death bed

closed in a hurry in a book

monuments with heavy seals

as for thousands and thousands of lives


like eagle’s solar flight

his song

waved long ago like under unfold flags  penetrates

over boundaries terrible guarded to where

they will grow always removing like in dream to stones of frontiers

with lively soldiers

with new ploughs

with stormy songs with rosy bread

tremendous imperial Romanias beyond tomorrow


                             The blood of the jail

by Radu Gyr


                                  The Roots


last night when blind were sleeping the dens

I stayed among trunks lengthened on all fours

and when the dens were heavily sleeping

I’ve listened how the roots spoke

down about the dead from deep darks


one was speaking I grow from he chick

of a brave man full of glories in battles

now I suck his arms chest chick

undefeated he was impetuous and fiery the brave

how sweet are his sucked eyelids


another was saying ferocious I sip from the lips

of those dearest and whitest sweetheart

o how many drunk like me today her lips

how many picked her snows and hot ashes

how mighty I bite her orbits


and the third one was whispering I grow from a forehead

the forehead of dead poet was my food

I mount leaves and branches from his bitter forehead

but my leaves can defy the age

with their earthly flame


                                  At last judgment


chased through foul swamps

like a rabid beast

with pierced temples with deep orbits

with bites of winds on back


torn like a flag invaded by gangrene

tired up by whips like the rogue

thus I will arrive to the Supreme Judgment

my blood to soil your azure


clearly you’ll shine under boreal snows

violet/blue of wounds I’ll come in front of you

you’ll stay cold in the frost of Thy glory

I with sorrow will be burning hot


Thy look will be iced sword

when Thy voice from the abyss will grow

man go on speak

o Thy great judgment


then I will fall on the high steps

on lips with a bloody inert smile

for all my unjust wounds

God I do forgive Thou


                                  Be raised you George be raised you John


not for a shovel of redden bread

not for barns not for acres

but for your free air of tomorrow

be raised you George be raised you John


for the blood of your people flowed in ditches

for the tear of your sun nailed in spikes

for the song of your people in chains

be raised you George be raised you John


not for the anger gnashed in teeth

but to stock shouting on plains

a stack of shins and a busby of stars

be raised you George be raised you John


so as to drink the freedom from buckets

and in it to sink as the sky in whirlpools

and its apricot trees over you to shake

be raised you George be raised you John


to set all your hot kiss

on porches on thresholds on doors on icons

on all free things seeing your forehead

be raised you George be raised you John


be raised you John on chains on ropes

be raised you George on saint bones

up toward light after storm

be raised you George be raised you John


                                  Last night Jesus


last night Jesus has entered my cell

o my how sad how tall Christ was

the moon has entered after him the cell

and was making him taller and sadder


his hands looked like lilies on graves

his eyes as deep as forests

the moon was beating his cloths with silver

silvering on his hands old breaches


I raised from under gray blanket

God where from are you coming from which age

Jesus driven softly a finger on mouth

and made me a sign to keep silent


he stayed near me on door mat

put your hand on my wounds

on ankles shadows of wounds and rust he had

as if he had carried chains sometime


sighing he lengthened his tired bones

on my mat with cockroaches

through sleep the light and thick bars

drew out rods on his snow


the cell seemed mountain seemed skull

and it swarmed with louses and rats

I felt my temple falling on my head

and I slept thousand years


when I awaken from terrible abyss

the straws smelt like roses

I was in the cell and it was moon

only Jesus was nowhere


I lengthened my arms  nobody silence

I asked the wall no answer

only cold  rays sharpened in corners

with their lance thrust   me


where are you God I howled at bars

from moon smoke of censers came

I touched myself and  on my hands

I found the traces of his nails


                                  The son of woman thief


in the women’s pavilion  over night

gnashing one of thieves has delivered

the moon issued its breasts full of milk

and wanted to take the babe in its arms


all the other thieves hurried

to wrap up the baby in an old had kerchief

mice in corners chatted what to gnaw

outside stars walked on tall stilts


spiders moved down on strings to see the confined

heavily the tub stank  beyond door

the night at bars detached from a button its blouse

the thieves sang in wishes you lass be living your lad


and you smiled in bad reeking room

babe of doom offspring of thief

this smile you’ll take with you in life

or will you drag only sigh like a chain at feet


tomorrow son of whore will call you some

others would remember you were born beyond bars

sprawling on earth by moons yellow blizzard

you’ll not know the name of your father


perhaps you’ll also be thief like your mother tomorrow

your knife will hit in a night with hood

perhaps for rings or only for a bread

the greedy prison will suck you


or perhaps you’ll be like a cherry tree at Whitsuntide

young and full of fruits

you’ll fish from your oceans the corals

and you’d like to pass over age on big viaducts


and perhaps you’d like everywhere to partition to devote

to bind even wounds of stars in other realms

you will face the light to shaken it

its heavy gold to fall in everybody’s fists


and then they’ll say the same look at thief’s son

they’ll put like to your mothr the red iron on forehead

and in chains and on all fours would bring you to the cruel jail

to make yourself beast hate and mist


                                  Ulysses’ return


in front table I stay with myrtle at templates

but I sleep since long under Troy’s walls

the guests laugh and fill up their goblet

they drink with dead and honor the ghosts


I have remained under Troy’s walls

and with my dead fellows on sea’s bottom

fat rams and bulls redden

vainly in broaches perfumes


I sleep since long under Troy’s walls

or rot under algae with rowers

returned to home as do return the ghosts

of those who are not coming on their steps


you finger me on shoulders on cloths

persuaded that I came back

but I am only hundred of graves

in the corpse walking among you


you tell me about temples with pillars

about new gods grown in my absence

I fable you on my blue dead

remained under Troy or in seas of slag

and death not words have on mouth


at my court bards vie to come

to sing of me like of all heroes

how their song is it to me devoted

in my honor is the quiet harp sighing


I sleep since long under Troy’s walls

only shadows listen to them and the ghosts


oils with deep smell of flower

don’t wash Troy’s blood on my corpse

for beyond any bathing

I carry dear dead on me as plaster


I have remained under Troy’s walls

and when on Penelope’s warm breasts

Ilet forehead in deep hot shelter

I bleed still in wrestles with Cyclops

or I wander on seas with bones


with eager uninterrupted kisses

the woman caresses at random

on chest on arms the wounds  from battles

believing their trace doesn’t pain me more


but I am all an unseen wound

and wounds are my dim empty eyes

my woman or my dead kiss me

came in bed from under Troy’s walls


I sleep since long under Troy’s walls


again I’m lost with mariners in waves

I start again the battles with ghosts

I slide from woman’s thighs

and bury again under Troy’s walls


I have remained under Troy’s walls

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